Club Fees

Membership fees are paid annually and due by August 31st.

Full Shooting Members (Over 24yrs): £99.00

(Incorporating AGB*/SCAS/MCAA Fees)

Members (18-24yrs): £65.00

(Incorporating AGB*/SCAS/MCAA Fees)

Juniors (Under 18yrs): £27.00

(Incorporating AGB*/SCAS/MCAA Fees)

Non-Shooting Members: £10.00

One reduction of £10.00 for every two shooting members in a family/couple (residing at the same address) and BP members. Reduction of £10.00 for Senior Citizens (excluding Non Shooting Members) - Only one discount applies.

All Club fees for shooting members include Indoor shooting on a Sunday afternoon (late October to March) from 2.30pm to 5.00pm . You must be there and put your name on the list by 2.15pm up to 32 archers a session.