Club Fees

Membership fees are paid annually and due by August 31st. Please be aware a late payment charge is now in operation

Full Shooting Members (Over 24yrs): £108.00

(Incorporating AGB*/SCAS/MCAA Fees)

Members (18-24yrs): £74.00

(Incorporating AGB*/SCAS/MCAA Fees)

Juniors (Under 18yrs): £31.00

(Incorporating AGB*/SCAS/MCAA Fees)

Associate Members: £65.00
Non-Shooting Members: £10.00

Fees must be paid by 31st August after which your membership will cease and you will no longer be allowed to shoot at the club. If you do choose to re-join after the 31st of August, a late re-joining fee of £10.00 will be levied.

Please note that the various £10.00 reductions have all been discontinued this was decided and voted on at the AGM 2019