Relaxation of restrictions.           

Following relaxation of anti-covid measures by Government and AGB, and consultation with members and committee members, as from  27 July the regulations at the range will change as follows:

·         3 shooting lanes will be replaced by 4 

·         The lanes will be renumbered 1-4

·         4 archers can shoot in each lane, in 2 details if necessary. Targets can be moved if required but replaced after use.

·         No longer need to use and keep your own target face, although you may do so if you want.

·         Return pins to the box in the hut if you no longer need them. There are sufficient pins on each boss on the range.

·         Booking will continue, as space is limited. 2 people can book in each box giving 4 to a lane. You can arrive at any time before your shooting slot but remember to cancel if you decide not to attend.

·         Visitors/ spectators/ coaches do not need to book.

Please continue to:

·         Set up your bows at your car or in the inner range, to avoid crowding near the targets.

·         Sanitise your hands on entering the range to maintain good hygiene.

·         Pull your own arrows, when possible.

·         Score on separate score boards

With space limited behind the shooting line and more people shooting, it is important that bows are left behind  the waiting line which is marked at 3 yards by cones, and not left on or near the shooting line, to avoid trip hazards.