Indoor Shooting Starts This Sunday!

Indoor Shooting Starts This Sunday!

Indoor shooting commences this Sunday afternoon at the Meadhurst Club. There is no extra charge to shoot indoors, as the cost is included in your annual fee

For new people, the entrance drive is on the opposite side of Chertsey Road from the BP car park and range access. There is a small roundabout at the end of the drive and the car park is to the right. There is a barrier, and if it is closed, press the button and ask to be let in. If they ask what your business is, say you have come for archery in the hall. Once inside the building ask the receptionist to let you through the gate for archery. The hall is to the right.

You should arrive between 2 and 2.15pm to book a place on the shooting line, and help put the targets up when we are allowed into the hall. It is booked from 2.30pm but we usually get in early as long as it is not in use. Please help put the targets up before setting up your own equipment.

This Sunday and next is practice at 20 yards, but you may shoot a round (a Portsmouth Round 5 doz at 20yards) if you like, and hand in the score for indoor handicap purposes. Shooting is in ends of 3 arrows, only.

If you completed your beginners course this summer, you are particularly welcome to come to shoot indoors. There will be plenty people there to show you the ropes, and help you if needed.

Have a good shoot on Sunday, in the warm and dry!